Wednesday, December 29, 2010

forest friends for katie

happy birthday, katie! for a dear friend's birthday, i made her a forest friend from sublime stitching. she loves pink. so.... why not make a fuzzy squirrel?? i used a running stitch, a back stitch (my favorite!), and a stem stitch (have been working on improving that technique).

why the "lalalalalala" at the bottom? there was space, and it was goofy.

sugar skulls

so it's been forever... all apologies. i love to stitch, but blogging isn't my strong point.

so i was invited to a 'mexican halloween party'. my friends had plenty of taco meat & supplies from a fundraiser they threw earlier... and since it was a theme party, i figured that i'd take a tank top and stitch one of jenny hart's sugar skulls on my shirt. i took some fun bright colors and whipped this together.

it made me smile!