Monday, December 28, 2009

my christmas gifts from '08

here's what friends and family got from me for christmas last year - magnets! i took different types of paper's designs, ranging from origami paper to sheet music to lyrics from a musical printed out to notecards. i was pretty pleased with the results!

i put a drop of extra strength clear glue onto the paper, then laid down a clear flat marble (the kind that you find in the florist' section to arrange flowers) on top of the glue; the marble sort of magnifies the design under it. i then attached a magnet that i found at a craft store using the same glue. the toughest part of the craft was the drying process; the magnets wanted to stick together, which made for off-kilter magnets in the center of the marbles! luckily i've got a very very very old baking sheet that the magnets stuck to; they kept them from sliding next to each other.