Monday, January 25, 2010

renegade handmade & workshop

over the summertime a few friends of mine and i went to the renegade craft fair in chicago. it was a great time!

while there i tried to go to renegade handmade (a store i recently fell in love with) and pick up jenny hart's new book, Embroidered Effects. the book wasn't available at that time & i contacted the store about it, and they told me about a workshop with jenny hart herself! how fun is that? the deal was to purchase the book from their store online (no problem), and pick it up at the workshop. great deal. i'm IN.

so i went, and had a great time. here's a link from their site about the workshop; and there i am right next to the teacher. :) jenny was a doll! it was really great to see her work & teach - we also got to learn some new techniques & tricks. and my new book signed. :)

had a blast! hope to be able to take part in more workshops like this in the future!

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