Sunday, February 21, 2010

for the fabulous sister...

merry christmas to Theresa!!

my sister knew that was something was coming to her from me for the holiday. mainly because she and i went shopping for the hooded sweatshirt.

i used some of sublime stitching's patterns - the rock & roll patterns.

the drum set? i love it. that was the first thing that i stitched onto the sweatshirt; and it means something to me b/c our brother plays drums.

i thought that it needed more cowbell.

right front pocket area; like where you'd put a "hello my name is" sticker. i added the phrase 'a mix tape' onto the label.
you know how the latest place to put tattoos on your body is the wrist? i put the record adapter there. a bit proud of this one.

final product, beautiful sister.

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